About Me

I'm a former automechanic that left the trade and turned first to physics and eventually to software engineering. After programming for over ten years I have experience in various areas ranging from simulation of space situational awareness scenarios to cell phone digital forensics, from embedded systems programming to medical imaging software and from desktop applications to web applications. I currently reside in the Portland, Maine area.

To find out more, see my résumé and visit my github profile. I can be contacted via email by constructing an email address using my first name as the local part and this domain name as the domain part, on twitter as tjmciver and I can usually be found on freenode as tmciver.


Personal Projects

I have many personal projects that I use to investigate the things that I am interested in.

A Java library for simulation of two dimensional interactions.
A Java library containing mostly two dimensional vector stuff to support the Physics2D library.
A Java implementation of the game Asteroids with realistic collisions through use of the Physics2D library.
ByteBuffer [Github]
A Java library for creating and manipulating byte buffers in an immutable fashion.
ByteGrep [Github]
A Java application to search for byte sequences in a file.
Solitaire [Github | Blog]
A Clojure implementation of Bruce Schneier's solitaire encryption algorithm.
Image Pyramid
A C# application for creating a Google Maps style image pyramid.
Hexdump [Github]
A Clojure application to create a hexdump of a given file.
Crosscram [Github] and crosscram-ws [Github]
A Clojure implementation of the game crosscram, with a web UI.
Out of the Tar Pit ePub [Github]
Though not really a software project, I spent some time converting the very good paper Out of the Tar Pit by Ben Moseley and Peter Marks from a PDF to ePub. Feel free to download the ePub.