Timothy J. McIver


To live a long, happy and fulfilling life with those that I love, doing what I love.

Computer Skills

Languages: Scala, PHP, Haskell, Clojure, Java, C#, Python, C/C++.

IDEs: Emacs, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio.

Version Control: Git, Subversion.

Build Systems: SBT, Cabal, Stack, Maven, Ant, Make, Leiningen.

Testing: ScalaTest, QuickCheck, JUnit, CPPUnit, NUnit, PHPUnit.

Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OSX, Windows.

Web Programming: REST, Hypermedia APIs, X?HTML, Typescript, Javascript.

Employment History

Senior Software Engineer
Maxwell Health (Boston, Massachusetts)
February 2017-Present

Maxwell Health provides small to mid-size companies with an HR and benefits solution through its suite of web applications. There are solutions for insurance brokers, employers and employees alike.


Senior Software Engineer
McGraw-Hill Education (Boston, Massachusetts)
November 2014-February 2017

McGraw-Hill Education is a leader in educational software and prides itself in being a learning sciences company. During my time at McGraw-Hill I've become an expert in Learning Tools Interoperability (Learning Tools Interoperability, an IMS Global specification), CQRS, Event Sourcing and microservices.


Software Engineer
Lambda Prime (Boston, Massachusetts)
May 2014-November 2014

Lambda Prime is a privately held technology development fund with offices and research lab facilities in New York, Boston, and Pittsfield (MA).


Software Engineer
Corista, LLC (Concord, Massachusetts)
June 2013-March 2014

Corista is a software company whose flagship product is a digital pathology web application platform that assists pathologists in remote diagnoses.


Digital Forensics Engineer
Basis Technology (Digital Forensics Group) (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
May 2010-May 2013

Basis Technology is a text analytics company that has a small but growing digital forensics group of which I was a part.


Software Engineer
Raytheon Corporation (Woburn, Massachusetts)
February 2009-April 2010

Raytheon is large defense contractor. I worked as a software engineer in three different groups while I was there.


Software Engineer
MIT Lincoln Laboratory (Lexington, Massachusetts)
October 2007-February 2009

Worked in Group 95 (formerly Group 903), Space Systems Analysis.



Research Engineer
Lockheed Martin Corp. (Lexington, Massachusetts)
April 2004-October 2007

Worked as a subcontractor at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.


Assistant Scientist
Sensarray Infrared Corp. (Burlington, Massachusetts)
April 2003-April 2004

Sensarray specializes in the manufacture of arrays of chemically-deposited Lead salt infrared detectors, specifically PbS and PbSe.